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City Wax is a high-performance wax for waxing professionals for economical waxing.

Find out more about City Wax below and contact us for a special offer.


CLASSIC HOT WAX – All three City Waxes are peeled off without fleece strips

HIGH ADHESION – City waxes are known for their good adhesive power and are gentle on the skin at the same time

ECONOMICAL – Attractive purchase and volume discounts make these professional waxes an ideal product for frequent waxings

FULL BODY WAXING  – The entire body can be depilated with these three waxes


Heat the wax

Put the CITY WAX wax pearls in the wax heater until it is at least 1/3 full. Warm the wax and check the consistency. At the right temperature, the wax has a honey-like consistency. It's easy to shape at the tip of the wooden spatula, won't drip from the spatula or pull threads.

Pretreat the skin

Clean the skin with a little PINK SkinClean Lotion on small areas or PINK SkinClean Foam on large areas. These prepare the skin perfectly for waxing, as they lift the hair and thus increase the adhesion of the wax. If necessary, apply a thin layer of PINK Skin Powder. This absorbs excess moisture and allows a more effective and comfortable treatment.

Apply and remove wax

The CITY WAX is applied a little thicker in the direction of hair growth than a banana peel. For shorter hair, it is advisable to apply the wax with firm pressure against the direction of hair growth. Wait briefly until the patches have set and then pull them off with a quick jerk against the direction of hair growth along the stretched skin.

Treat the skin afterwards

Apply some PINK AfterCare Cream to small areas or PINK AfterCare Oil to large areas to care for the skin and to provide it with intensive moisture, to soothe it and to help the hair follicles close. Finish the treatment with PINK SkinCool Gel to reduce redness and leave the skin feeling fresh and relaxed.


"The wax is excellent! Anytime with pleasure. Since I am a trained Depiladora, I need reliable wax, with which I can work quickly and efficiently. Super."

Leslie-Joy Foster

"Fantastic! It removes even the finest and shortest hairs very well! I love it and 100% recommend it."

Patricia Sánchez

"The wax can be used at a pleasantly warm temperature and has a creamy texture that is easy to spread. Pulling it off also works flawlessly without breaking or the like. Really recommended!"

Nelly Borelly


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Item Number:CW2021

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