Full Body Waxing Manual ENG / GER / NL (Hardcover)

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Whether you are a beginner or a well-experienced waxing professional, you will find all the information you need for face and body waxing with PINK products in this comprehensive Full Body Waxing Manual. This manual is showing detailed steps for waxing full body, using the PINK 1mm Technique and the PINK 2mm Technique.

Number of pages: 120
Author: PINK Cosmetics
Published: September 2018

Language: German


In this manual you will find detailed steps on how to quickly, thoroughly and efficiently reach astonishing results using the most innovative hot wax on the market: the PINK Next Generation Hot Wax, removing hair already at 1mm length. The Next Generation Hot Wax is used on sensitive areas such as face, armpits and bikini. Waxing of arms, legs, chest and back using PINK Strip Wax, in tubs or Roll-ons, is explained, following the PINK 2mm Technique. This PINK Full Body Manual is not only providing you with detailed answers to waxing FAQs and how to apply PINK pre- and after-care products, but also supports you with a clear cost calculation for your professional beauty services helping you to optimize your waxing business.

All PINK Manuals are currently available only in German.

If you would like to receive detailed information on efficiently waxing smaller areas such as the face or bikini, we recommend our PINK Perfect Face Waxing Manual or the PINK Brazilian Bikini Waxing Manual.

Item Number: SUFBWM00

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