Next Generation Wax Lavender (800 g)

Item Number: HW0854

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Our Best Seller - Top Waxing Product for all Waxing Studios and Beauty Salons


EFFECTIVE ALREADY AT 1 MM – This premium wax removes even the shortest hair when applied using the PINK 1 mm Waxing Technique 

FLEXIBLE – Stays flexible for long time after an application and therefore and does not break on the skin

VERY EASY TO USE – No fleece strips necessary, wax does not stick to the skin, can be applied and removed in direction of hair growth or against it (for very short hair best results when applied against hair growth)

GENTLE TO SKIN – Hypoallergenic, low application temperature just above body temperature.

INNOVATIVE WAXING BEADS – Easy dosage, available in 6 luscious scents

LOW CONSUMPTION – With just one pouch, you can wax 100 eyebrows


Why you will love this product?  

  • Saves you time and effort. Eyebrows can be corrected much more thoroughly and painlessly. No lengthy plucking necessary anymore.
  • Easy and convenient to use. Ideal for beginners. Easy to apply and flexible for an infinitely long time. Can be used for premium customers even on large areas for an unsurpassed pleasant waxing experience.
  • Your customers will be thrilled. Customers will instantly realize that this is a very unique type of wax. Experienced customers immediately feel the difference to conventional waxing.
  • Advertise with Next Generation Wax. Demanding customers want to visit a studio that works with high quality waxes. Attract your desired clientele with this premium product.
  • Sales boosters for beauty professionals. Also suitable as an ideal addition to services such as nails, lashes and facials.

Step-By-Step with Next Generation Wax  



With the Next Generation Wax, you can remove hair as short as 1 mm on all sensitive areas such as face, underarms and intimate area. Working with Next Generation Waxes is easy, fast and more pleasant than with conventional waxes. No need for fleece strips. To achieve best results follow the PINK 1 mm Waxing Technique. Learn more here!

  • You want the wax with the lowest working temperature? 
  • You want the wax with the highest level of flexibility? 
  • You have the highest standards of hair removal?
  • You need a wax that can remove even the shortest hair from 1mm?
  • You want the wax to smell delightfully and spread a pleasant scent? 




Do you frequently remove hair on large areas? For the best results our PINK Waxing Experts recommend the PINK Strip Wax as Roll-ons or tubs, using the PINK 2 mm Waxing Technique.

For premium customers or those prone to skin irritations, Next Generation Waxes are ideal for an exceptionally pleasant waxing experience even on large surfaces.

Many more practical waxing tips straight from the studio can be found in our Waxing Manuals, PINK Waxing Trainings and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group.

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Item Number: HW0854

Polycyclopentadiene, Paraffin, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, C30-45 Alkyl Methicone, CI 60725, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, CI 77891, CI 26100, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Linalool

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