PINK End Customer Flyer English/ 50 pcs

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Language: English

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Practical waxing info flyer for your studio

  • Inform your customers in the blink of an eye about the gentle and innovative waxing treatments in your studio.
  • Let your customers learn about the benefits of regular waxing treatments and get hands-on pre- and post-care tips.
  • Ensure a waxing experience that is all round pleasant and highly addictive.
  • Also available in German
  • Sold in a bundle of 50. Format: 29 x 21 cm

Do your customers ask about the benefits of waxing with Next Generation Wax? This handy flyer answers all questions surrounding the treatment.
How do I prepare for my waxing appointment? From what length can my hair be waxed? What makes the PINK waxes so unsurpassed gentle and thorough? What are the benefits of regular visits to a waxing professional? What should I consider after waxing?

All these and more questions are now answered for your customers in the blink of an eye. On the one hand, the flyer allows your customers to prepare themselves perfectly for the waxing treatment and at the same time it is a convincing "reference piece" informing them how to best care for their beautiful, smooth and hair-free skin at home.

Item Number: Flyer02

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