Pink Lady - Make Your Own Set

Take advantage of 5% off and make your own set, just the way you like it. Make your own Pink Lady Waxing Set tailored to your individual needs and with everything you need for your everyday waxing routine. Every set contains a stylish bag of Pink Lady Wax 300 g along with spatulas. To the basic set you can further add the SkinCare products and Heaters of your own choice.

Choose your preferred PINK Wax Heater
With or without SkinCare Set



HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WAXING FROM 1 MM – This premium wax removes even the shortest hair due to its strong grip

EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE – Thanks to nourishing oils, the wax has a particularly high flexibility and does not break on the skin

STRONG GRIP – Removes even thick and bristly hair without sticking to the skin

MULTIDIRECTIONAL – Can be applied against as well as in the direction of hair growth

GENTLE TO THE SKIN – Hypoallergenic, minimizes pain and skin irritation thanks to low application temperature

INNOVATIVE WAX PEARLS – Available in 6 wonderful fragrances and colors, pearl shape allows easy dosage


Heat the wax

Fill the wax pearls into the wax heater until it is at least 1/3 full and heat up until the wax has a honey-like consistency. The correct temperature can be recognized by the fact that the wax is easy to form on the tip of the spatula, does not drip from the spatula or pull threads.

Apply Pre-care

Clean the skin with a bit of PINK SkinClean Lotion and then apply PINK PreCare Oil. The oil forms a thin protective film between the wax and the skin - this results in less skin irritation. If necessary, pat the skin dry with a cosmetic tissue.

Apply & Remove Wax

Next Generation waxes can be applied against as well as in the direction of hair growth. Wait briefly until the wax patches have set and then pull them off against the direction of hair growth. The patches remain flexible on the skin for a very long time and do not break.

Apply After-care

Apply a bit PINK AfterCare Cream to disinfect, intensely moisturize and soothe the skin and help the hair follicles close. Finish treatment with PINK SkinCool Gel to reduce redness and leave skin feeling fresh and relaxed.

"This is great! The best wax on the market, I can only recommend it."

Maryliner Professional – Wimpernstudio Berlin


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Hair removal from 1mm

Next Generation Wax reliably grabs every type of hair by the root. Even bristly men's hair is thoroughly removed - from as little as 1 mm in length.

Gentle and professional

Thanks to its high flexibility, this wax can remain on the skin indefinitely and can be removed without time pressure. It does not break nor leave wax residues on the skin.

Low temperature

Next Generation Wax is applied just above body temperature, which makes depilation particularly painless and reduces skin reactions.

Quick and simple

Next Generation Wax allows easy application and removal - anywhere on the body and completely without fleece strips.

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