Reusable Face Mask with Disposable Insert Filters

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Reusable Face Mask in pink with adjustable straps. To be used with filters. Available as a '2 in 1 Set' or as separate products. 

The Face Mask (1pc/pack) is adjustable and machine washable up to 60 ° C. The Disposable Filters (100 pcs/pack) are sufficient for 100 working days. When combined as a set, these two products have a filter efficiency of 99% * and are used by healthcare professionals **. Instructions on how to correctly insert the filter and apply the mask can be found in pictures and video below.

Reusable Face Mask (1 pc)

  • Good fit and high wearing comfort thanks to individually adjustable binding
  • Machine-washable at 60°C
  • Colour: pink
  • Material: 50% Tencel, 50% Polyester 150m/m²
  • Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm
  • Made in Germany



Disposable Filters (100 pcs)

  • 100 Disposable Filters are sufficient for 100 working days
  • Material: 100% Fleece
  • Dimensions: 17,5 x 14 cm 
  • Made in Germany



How to insert the filter and put on the mask

  • Disinfect your hands or put on clean gloves
  • The disposable filter is inserted on a clean / disinfected surface
  • The filter is placed on the lower edge of the inside of the mask and fixed under the upper flap
  • First attach the top bands of the mask over the ears (the mask part with the flap is placed over the nose)
  • Attach the lower bands under the ears and pull tight until the mask adapts to the shape of the face
  • Remove the mask after use and dispose of the filter
  • Wash the mask at 60 degrees




* Tested according to DIN EN 14683: 2019. Not a medical study, but a laboratory test. No leakage test, breath resistance test and tight fit test were taken into account here.
** The masks have already been used in hospitals such as the Charité University Hospital in Berlin (as of March / April 2020) 

No liability for damage or injuries that may result from improper handling, preparation or misuse.

Item Number: MNHXXX

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