SkinCare Set Strip Wax

Item Number: SkinCare-SW-Set

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The new PINK SkinCare range is refreshingly different: Enriched with nourishing ingredients, these products offer perfect waxing experience by protecting, calming, and regenerating even the most sensitive skin. 


The Finest Ingredients: All PINK Pre and After Care products are vegan and paraben free. The range has antibacterial properties and contains nourishing oils to care and protect the skin before and after the waxing treatment.

Perfectly Completed Range: Adding SkinClean Foam and SkinCool Gel to the range makes any waxing experience even more successful and rounded off.

Solution-oriented Skin Care range: In this new product line you will find solutions that reduce skin irritations and infections, help preventing occurrence of ingrown hairs and folliculitis, providing gentle care and protection for sensitive, oily and dry skin. 


The pre- and post-treatment products for waxing with the Adore Strip Wax

The set includes

Item Number: V20-200
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 working days
Price: 0,00 €



ANTISEPTIC CLEANSING FOAM Perfect for quick and gentle cleansing of large areas such as arms, legs, chest and back before waxing, with a fresh lemon scent

GENTLE CLEANSING Cleanses thoroughly, fights germs on the area to be depilated, thus effectively preventing skin infections and irritations, free of parabens, vegan

OPTIMAL PRE-WAXING CARE – Perfect skin preparation for waxing, absorbs very quickly and wax grips better around the hair

HANDY DOSING The foam consistency makes it easy and fast to apply on large areas

FOR USE WITH STRIP WAX Forms the basis for an excellent waxing experience when working with any PINK Strip Wax product


SkinClean Foam (200 ml)
Item Number: N10-250
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 working days
Price: 0,00 €



SOOTHING POST-TREATMENT OIL – Nourishes stressed skin and reduces irritation after waxing

HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Nourishing argan oil moisturises and has a regenerating effect, improving skin elasticity for a silky feel of the skin after waxing, free of parabens, vegan

PLEASANT SKIN FEELING – This delicately scented oil removes wax residues after depilation without leaving a sticky film, it is light on the skin and dries quickly, preventing stains on clothing

FOR USE WITH STRIP WAX – Rounds off the hair removal with PINK Strip Wax and ensures an outstanding smooth waxing experience


AfterCare Oil (250 ml)
Item Number: N20-250
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 working days
Price: 0,00 €



ANTIBACTERIAL POST-TREATMENT CREAM – Perfect to soothe and protect irritated skin after waxing, reduces skin irritation and redness, regenerates and prevents inflammation

NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Antiseptic components protect the skin and effectively prevent folliculitis, aloe vera provides moisture and cools the skin, free of parabens, vegan

OPTIMAL POST-WAXING CARE – Allows thorough and easy removal of wax residue, absorbs quickly, for smooth and well-groomed skin after waxing for all customers that don’t like oil on their skin

FOR USE WITH FILM WAX & STRIP WAX – Ensures an excellent waxing experience when working with Next Generation Wax, City Wax or Strip Wax


AfterCare Cream (250 ml)
Item Number: N30-250
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 working days
Price: 0,00 €



COOLING SKIN GEL WITH MENTHOL – Relieves redness quickly and effectively, provides relaxation and soothes the skin after waxing, has an antibacterial effect and reduces skin irritation, free of parabens, vegan

REVITALIZING FRESHNESS – Cools irritated skin after depilation, invigorates with a refreshing menthol fragrance

SILKY SMOOTH FEELING – Absorbs quickly, makes the skin soft on touch after waxing, suitable for the entire body except the eye area

FOR USE WITH FILM WAX & STRIP WAX – For an all-round perfect waxing experience when working with Next Generation Wax, City Wax or Strip Wax



SkinCool Gel (250 ml)
Item Number: SkinCare-SW-Set

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