Skintastic Leocid Hand Disinfectant against viruses such as Corona (1000 ml)

Item Number: HDM1000
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In stock

With the Skintastic Leocid P7 hand disinfectant, hygienic hand disinfection in accordance with EN 1500 and effectiveness against enveloped viruses can be achieved within 30 seconds. The perfume-free Skintastic Leocid P7 with 70% isopropanol solution has a limited virucide effect, i.e. it is effective against enveloped viruses, such as SARS, influenza, measles or SARS-Cov-2 (Corona Virus).

Application and exposure times: Keep hands moist during the entire application time with the undiluted disinfectant, use at least 3 ml. Hand disinfection (according to RKI): 3 ml undiluted - 30 sec.

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. For commercial use only.

Liquid hand disinfectant, WHO formula
Isopropanol 70% (v / v)
Limited virucidal
Perfume free

Anwendung und Einwirkzeiten: Hände während der gesamten Applikationszeit durch das unverdünnte Präparat feucht halten, mindestens 3 ml verwenden. Händedesinfektion (gem. RKI): 3 ml unverdünnt - 30 sek.

Biozidprodukte vorsichtig verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Etikett und Produktinformationen lesen. Nur für gewerbliche Anwendung.

  • Flüssiges Händedesinfektionsmittel, WHO-Rezeptur
  • Isopropanol 70 % (v/v)
  • Begrenzt viruzid
  • Parfümfrei
Item No.
Item Number:HDM1000
package size1000 ml
Maximale Abgabemenge2

75 g-2-Propanol, 0,1 g Benzalkoniumchloride, Aqua, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceril Oleate, Parfum, Foot Colorant, Aloe Barbadensis Extract

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